A Publishers Perspective on the Art Book Fair: A Critical Response

A Publishers Perspective on the Art Book Fair: A Critical Response is a 68 page critical essay examining the role of Art Book Fairs and their response to the covid-19 pandemic. This essay looks for Art Book Fairs to meet this moment of an ongoing pandemic to meet the needs of publishers and visitors alike. As a publishers who has exhibited at over 50 Art Book Fairs this essay both critiques and offers suggestions for a more publisher focused fair. This essay started in April 2020 during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and finished over two years later.

This essay asks: How can we employ various mutual aid tactics to ensure future generations of art book publishers have the support to continue their work? If you’re reading this and are an organizer of an art book fair, ask yourself, are you doing everything to meet this moment?

Suggestions offered include but are not limited to:
Mutual Aid Fair Funds
Small and First Time Publisher Support
Advisory board
Land acknowledgement / Indigenous Solidarity
Gender inclusive bathroom
$0 tabling fee
Honorarium for Exhibitors and Travel Stipend
Dedicated time for low traffic viewing and crowd control
International Organizer Leadership

All photos by Victor Hedwig