Christ’s Cunt by Yvonne LeBien

Christ’s Cunt
By Yvonne LeBien
Designed by Be Oakley
illustrated by Dexter Komakaru
114 pages
Printed by Lulu
January 2023


Christ’s Cunt is a book of poems that has nothing to do with the Christian God. It has everything to do with the pure insanity of the Christ figure, the hedonism of Christ, the bloody images and symbols of “His” birth. Washing the feet of the Whore; turning the other cheek; starvation, body mutilation and transformation, wine, miracles, orifices bleeding. It’s pure rave. This is the first era in history in which we are able to do medical procedures to change a person’s gender. How monumental that is in the course of human civilization, how monstrous, how absurd this would appear to be for people in the past. For me to get a cunt is as monumental an act in the course of history as when Christ first let “him”self be nailed to a phallic plank. I love it.

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