Failure as Futuremaking by Be Oakley

Messiness: A Fragmented Understanding of Queer Theory
44 pages
by Be Oakley
Published by GenderFail October 2023
Risograph printed (Black, Flat Gold and Raspberry) on French Paper
1st Edition of 200


Messiness: A Fragmented Understanding of Queer Theory is a mini anthology of three essays: The F Terms, The Violence of Naming and A Messy Understanding of

Dis-identification and the Husband Calling Competition all published for the first time and written in and around 2018. This 44 page publication looks at a messiness understanding of queer theory stating:

"Queer theory, as a concept and written form, to me is always at odds as an academic discipline. The friction of having a concept like “Queerness” being so institutionalized leaves a lot to be desired. Can anything within institutions be truly free, radical, transverse? - An answer I would give is they can speak to these modes of “being”, but rarely “be” what they are writing to."

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