Heart of a Shapeshifter: 2Spirit Love Medicine

Heart of a Shapeshifter: 2Spitirt Love Medicine
By coyote Park
Published and Designed by
@genderfail (publisher of “Behind Shut Eyes”)
Cover by Ashley Lukeshevsky @ashluka
Foreword by Mimi Zhu @mimizhuxiyuan
Edited by Cortez @veganchorizo
Contains words from @sema.tattoo @em.vventure @staterecognizedfemale
132 pages
Open edition
Offset and digital
April 2022

"Heart of a Shapeshifter: 2Spirit Love Medicine" is a collection of poems, short essays, and prose by Coyote Park. It explores transformation, non-linear transitions, ancestor worship, diaspora, T4T romance, non-monogamy, queer awakenings, and various intersections of Park's lived experiences. Woven throughout the collection are 8 Vessels, taking shape as themed chapters and representing lifetimes. Throughout these vessels, Coyote reflects on extensions of themself, their lovers, and what love medicine means to them. "Heart of a Shapeshifter" is born out of the passion of Brown leather dykes, Trans Deities, and the fierce and overflowing protection of Spirit. A collection of writing to all of those yearning to love and shapeshift freely.

Coyote Park (he/they) is a 2Spirit, (Korean, German, Yurok Native) artist from Honolulu, Hawai’i that currently lives in Tongva Territory (Los Angeles). They are a transgender artist that centers their practice in photography, writing, performance, painting, producing, and creative direction as modes of storytelling. Park’s work aims to create queer utopia by photographing spaces of comfort, togetherness, and liberation. Park merges their written work with their passion for image making through their photo series entitled “All Kin is Blood Kin” (2020 - current) surrounding themes of chosen family, rebirth, and intimacy. Their intention of their work is for it to be a pathway to healing and dreaming up new worlds.

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